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Monday, September 19, 2011

Roseanne Seasons 1 and 2 UNCUT DVD Review!

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Roseanne Seasons 1 and 2 UNCUT DVD Review!

Season One Synopsis: The complete, UNCUT, original broadcast edits of all 23 episodes available for the FIRST TIME on DVD!

Roseanne is the glue the keeps the Conner family together as they struggle with life's essential problems: Marriage, Children, Money and Parents. Both Roseanne and Dan work hard, but can never seem to get out debt. A typical, blue-collar American family.

Season One highlights unconventional parenting methods of Roseanne and Dan Conner who generate tons of laughs in this hit sitcom.

Season Two Synopsis: Watch the Conner family as they deal with everyday problems like juggling work and family, and trying to make ends meet. The Conners know how to stick together, and are a real family, with comical antics along with dramatic moments. Roseanne and Dan are always there for each other, and their trio of children, as they watched them grow up, fall in love and make good and bad decisions.

In Season Two watch the Conners take on the school council, police a coed party, lock-up the liquor cabinet and more.

Review: Roseanne was a groundbreaking television show.  It was the first show that really didn't reflect the bogus hollywood version of family.  This one showed REAL life..all the way to the bitter end.  It was depressing and taxing and sometimes downright awful.  It was so real it could've been a reality show!  It was fantastic.  

The first two seasons of the show are being re-released by the fine folks at Mill Creek for an absolute bargain price of around $15 per season, but you can likely find them for more around $12 each if you look.  The show was released previously, but they were terrible releases that cut up the show.  This is the first time you can get it UNCUT as it aired originally.  Its a fantastic gift to Roseanne fans everywhere. 

Interest Range: Vintage TV, Comedy