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Monday, September 19, 2011

Roadkill DVD Review

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Roadkill DVD Review

Synopsis: Kate and her brother Joel have gathered their five best friends for a scenic RV road trip to their high-school reunion. But their cross-country adventure is about to take an unexpected turn for the worse when an ancient curse takes wing by way of a massive creature. It's called the Simuroc, and this gigantic bird of prey has found the perfect, helpless quarry in Kate and company. Stranded in the backwoods of the predator s territory, there s little chance for escape.

Review: When you tune into the SyFy network for a new original film you kinda know what you're getting into. We love campy sci-fi here at the Legion, so we were all up for Roadkill.  Whats that?  Giant birds that devours helpless campers?  WINNING!  This film is full of crazy action and suspense as the people run for their lives.  This one is a ton of fun.

Interest Range: Sci-Fi