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Monday, September 19, 2011

Madso's War DVD Review

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Madso's War DVD Review

Synopsis: In the tradition of "The Departed", comes this explosive crime thriller from the writer of "Battle: Los Angeles" (Chris Bertolini). Mike "Madso" Madden (Matthew Marsden) leads a gang of small-time criminals on the gritty backstreets of Boston. When the local Irish mob boss goes on the lam, Madso and his crew are thrust into an epic street war, as rival gangsters and corrupt cops fight it out for control of the mobster's hidden fortune. Locked and loaded with shootouts, double-crosses and violent retribution, "Madso's War" will blow you away.

Review: Madso's War is a violent crime drama that has all the grit and grime of any great mob film.  This one is a must-watch for fans of the Departed and Miller's Crossing.  This one lives up, only with even more violence..and when we say violence, we aren't messin' around! 

Interest Range: Action