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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grounded For Life: The Complete First Season DVD Review

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Grounded For Life: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Synopsis: Raising kids is tough, especially when you're Grounded for Life! Sean and Claudia Finnerty, a fun-loving Staten Island couple got pregnant and married by age 18. Now in their 30s, they aren't bad parents, but they're still just kids themselves.

Raising three headstrong kids, as well as dealing with Sean's father Walt and Sean's younger brother Eddie isn't easily especially being nominally practicing Catholics - everything involves issues of blame, responsibility and guilt, guilt, guilt.

Review: Grounded For Life is a great sit-com that kinda flew under the radar.  It did go on for quite a few seasons, and is getting a great and affordable release by Mill Creek Entertainment!  This show has great dynamics with the long married couple and their kids ranging from teen to youth and the live-in brother in law, who only gets crazier and more entertaining as the show progresses.  This one is a lesser known great laugh and definately worth the price!

Interest Range: TV Series, Sit-com