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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Black Zoo DVD Review

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Black Zoo DVD Review

Synopsis: The most savage animal in a garden of beasts, animal-worship cultist and private zoo owner Michael Conrad (Michael Gough) has trained his lions well, siccing the big cats on any fool who dares get in his way. First it was a snoopy secretary, then a scheming realtor (Jerome Cowan). But only when his unhappy wife (Jeanne Cooper) runs off with his beloved chimps does Conrad unleash his inner beast, and the fur really flies. Shot by Academy Award®-winning* cinematographer Floyd Crosby on a soundstage stocked by famed animal behaviorist and Marine World creator Ralph Helfer, Black Zoo is the third and final collaboration of Gough (who later played Alfred the butler in four Batman movies) and producer Herman Cohen (Horrors of the Black Museum and Konga), a furocious last trip to the maul.

Review: Black Zoo is a vintage 1963 horror film about a cult-involved zoo keeper that uses the zoo animals to commit violent murders.  This gore-fest was only previously released once on VHS and is rather hard to find.  The Warner Archive has released this on DVD, just in time for Halloween!  The season of horror is upon us and nothing is funner than looking back to the history of the horror movie.  This one is a little campy at points, but is generally very well-made.  The film stars Michael Gough as Conrad, the menacing cult leader.  Gough turns in a fantastic performance early in his career.  He would later go on to play Alfred in the 1990s Batman films.  Black Zoo is a great watch and a treasure for any horror fan.

Interest Range: Vintage