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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Wiggles: Ukulele Baby DVD Review

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The Wiggles: Ukulele Baby DVD Review

Synopsis: The Wiggles set sail on a new adventure with the sweet sound of ukuleles and palm trees in the distance. The Wiggles launch 21 new songs and paddle into a harbor of hits including "You Can Play the Ukulele", "Hawaiian Boogie" and "Hula, Hula Baby". Renowned weatherman Al Roker joins in for "Thank You, Mr. Weatherman!" and Australian entertainment icon Rolf Harris climbs on board "The Good Ship Fabulous Flea!" to sing. Naturally, The Wiggles sing about thinks kids love in the songs "When I'm Painting", "My Curly Sue Doll" and "Everybody Loves a Puppy." There are songs to make youngsters dance (such as "Round and Round, Round and Round" and "Henry's Spinning") and "Cluck, Cluck City" and "How Many You Want?" are tuneful occasions for more magical Wiggles fun.

Review: The Wiggles is a great program for kids.  They've spent years singing and playing their way to stardom over the past few years.  We presented this DVD to our 2 and 7 year olds and they both loved it.  This DVD has 21 new songs that will inspire your little ones to dance and groove.  Ours both went crazy and absolutely loved this DVD.

Interest Range: Kids Programming, Musical