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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Greening of Southie DVD Review

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The Greening of Southie DVD Review

Synopsis: Set in the streets of South Boston, THE GREENING OF SOUTHIE is a feature documentary about Boston's first residential green building, The Macallen Building, from the perspective of the men and women who bring it to life.

With its wheatboard cabinetry and recycled steel, bamboo floors and living roof, The Macallen Building is a revolutionary model of environmentally friendly design. But building green has its challenges, and the jobsite has its skeptics. And when things on the building star to go wrong, the young development team has to keep the project from unraveling.

Review: The Greening of Southie refers to a cool new all-green residential building in South Boston.  This documentary goes into the building and technicals behind setting up this community.  This one you could assume would be a bit dry and slow moving, but it was actually very informative and full of great info on going green.  A wonderful watch for anyone interested in the subject.

Interest Range: Documentary