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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Garfield Show: Spooky Tails DVD Review

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The Garfield Show: Spooky Tails DVD Review

Synopsis: Follow the witty and silly duo as they run into spooky trouble again! It's all fun and games for Garfield and Odie as they take a fun-filled trip on Halloween until Garfied is mistaken by a loose wild cat! Includes other out-of-this-world adventures! Featuring 6 episodes.

Review: I was a big fan of Garfield as a kid.  I used to watch the Garfield and Friends cartoon on Saturday mornings and have collected some of that show's DVD releases to share with my own kids as an adult.  The Garfield Show is a newer incarnation of Garfield with CGI animation.  I'm usually very critical of CGI, but shows like Garfield and the Clone Wars have changed my mind.  My kids are crazy about this show, they absolutely love it.  This DVD features six great episodes, including a fun Halloween one!  Its a fantastic release and a steal for the money! 

Interest Range: Animation