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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sympathy for Delicious Blu-Ray Review

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Sympathy for Delicious Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: What Would You Do if YOU had the Power to Heal? That is what Newly paralyzed DJ Delicious D is confronted with when he is given the Gift to heal. Will he forsake this Gift for Fame , Money and his Rock N Roll World or finally give that one selfless act to another? Join this gifted cast in their own right as they tell the story.

Review: This is a rather off-kilter B-film and certainly not what I'd expect to see out of Orlando Bloom.  The rather religious film asks some interesting questions about human nature and envy.  Its a very well made film with a great script.  The acting is spot-on.  There is a little too much religious talk in it for me personally, but for most this one is a great watch.

Interest Range: Drama