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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Storage Wars: Season 1 DVD Review

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Storage Wars: Season 1 DVD Review

Synopsis: Follow four professional buyers and their teams as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure in Season 1 of the new A&E original real life series, STORAGE WARS. Part gamblers and part detectives, these seasoned veterans negotiate the fascinating and obscure world of storage auction and consignment, finding everything from dead bodies to the world s most valuable comic book collection and paying as little as ten dollars for items valued in the millions. Each episode of STORAGE WARS follows a group of bidders as they get a quick peek inside the units, aided only by a flashlight. They then must assess on the spot if the unit is worth a bid and how high they re willing to go. The high-stakes fun begins as they see if the resulting buy is full of mostly trash...or true treasure. Driven by Dan Dotson, one of the most successful and outrageous auctioneers in the country, STORAGE WARS cast of buyers is as colorful and varied as the treasures they uncover.

Review: Storage Wars is a huge hit show for A&E.  It takes the viewer inside the little known world of storage locker purchasing.  This is the reality behind how many thrift stores and flea market sellers exist.  The show features a handful of very different personalities at different stages of the game and shows how they clash over various bidding on the lockers they need to survive.  Our favorite personality to come out the show so far is Dave Hester "The Mogul".  He's all business and he knows what he's doing.  He isn't there for drama, he isn't there to make buddies..he's just trying to work.  This is a phenominal show and we cannot recommend it enough.  This DVD collects the full first season..its a must have!

Interest Range: Reality, Storage Wars