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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Samurai Girls: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray Review

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Samurai Girls: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Muneakiru Yagyu is a gifted student of the samurai way. But until he arrives at his dojo, he never knew how gifted he truly was. Because there, a beautiful girl, Jubei, falls-naked-from the sky and right into his arms. And when they kiss, he magically transforms her into a powerful master samurai. So, naturally, every beautiful girl at the dojo can't wait to kiss him. And some, like the sexy Gisen, want to do even more. It's a tale of power and lust, filled with beautiful, scantily clad swordfighters who will do anything to please their master and attain even greater power. Get your sword ready for Samurai Girls!

Review: Samurai Girls isn't your average anime.  We're talking several busty girls doing martial arts.  Score.  This one is not only full of cool action, but the story is cute and funny and a great laugh at times.  The animation quality is fantastic and the dubbed-over voice acting is really good quality.

This blu-ray release is the complete series, which is a total of 12 episodes.  This one is a great addition to any anime enthusiast's collection. 

Interest Range: Anime