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Friday, August 19, 2011

Everwood: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

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Everwood: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: The final season of the series set in a welcoming town in the Rockies is all about finding oneself... and finding each other. Here, in the 5-disc, 22 episode Season Four, the unforgettable people of Everwood test the ties that bind them together in joy and tears, friendship and love. Drawn by his feelings for Amy, Ephram returns home and mentors a trouble piano prodigy. When Nina chooses Jake over him, Andy struggles to remain friends with the woman he loves. Bright and Hannah make their unlikely romance work. The Abbots open their arms to a new child. Intriguing characters arrive and beloved characters depart. Say goodbye to the place and the poepl that won your heart - and discover how everything turned out.

Review: This DVD set represents the final episodes of the series Everwood on DVD!  Fans can now complete their collections!  This dramatic series did a great job of treading the line of drama, so that it never went over the top.  It kept true to its themes, even in this final season.  The DVD set includes 22 episodes and is a great way to say goodbye.  The characters we've all come to know and love really achieve a level of maturity and understanding that is refreshing and helps us be more comfortable in saying goodbye.  This one is a must-have!

Interest Range: Drama