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Monday, August 29, 2011

Beverly Hillbillies - Meet the Clampetts DVD Review

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Beverly Hillbillies - Meet the Clampetts DVD Review

Synopsis: Jed Clampett is a simple backwoods man who strikes it rich, when an oil gusher springs up on his land, making him a millionaire overnight. Listening to his relatives, Jed decides to give his family a fresh start in Beverly Hills, where all the rich people live. Taking his daughter Elly May, nephew Jethro Bodine and his mother-in-law Granny with him, Jed meets with and moves in next door to Mr. Drysdale, the president of the Commerce Bank, where Jed keeps his money and Mr. Drysdale will do anything to keep it there. Watch the misadventures of this backwoods family trying to live in the big city but sticking to their rural ways!

This special DVD collection contains 40 episodes and over 16 hours of culture class adventures - enough to fill a cement pond! And for the first time, features an original documentary with fun facts and interesting stories of the actors that starred in one of the most watched television series of all time!

Review: The Beverly Hillbillies is one of our favorite vintage TV shows.  Watching the antics of the Clampett family never gets old!  This DVD collection from Mill Creek collects 40 episodes from this classic series.  Its a great set for people like us who don't necessarily want to buy the complete seasons of the show, we just want a nice sampling for a fun look back every so often!  At only around $10 this one is the right price!

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY Brand New featurette produced exclusively for this DVD collection!

Rose to #1 in the ratings faster than any other show within the first three weeks since its debut, a feat still unmatched to this day, where it remained for two years.

The theme song was #44 on the charts in 1962

Interest Range: Vintage TV, Comedy