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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alan Moore: Storyteller Book Review

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Alan Moore: Storyteller Book Review

About the Book: The definitive book on Alan Moore, renowned as one of the most important talents in contemporary comics and graphic novels, and his trailblazing works of visual storytelling. Alan Moore is one of the most important creative forces in the history of comics. His innovative works, which include V for Vendetta, Watchmen, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, have become enduring features of the modern cultural landscape, inspiring countless artists, from writers and illustrators to graphic novelists and filmmakers. Moore has won more awards and prizes than can be named—including nine Eisners, seven Harveys, multiple Jack Kirby awards, and the only Hugo ever awarded for work on a comic. Drawing on new and unpublished interviews, as well as rarely seen art and photos, this is the first book on his work to have Moore’s cooperation and support, making it a must-have for his many fans and for anyone interested in the art of visual storytelling. Alan Moore: Storyteller is a survey of his expansive work, from his high-profile best sellers to rarely seen experimental projects, such as spoken word and performance art. Individual works are richly illustrated from Moore’s personal archives and paired with critical context. An audio CD will feature excerpts from some of Moore’s multimedia performances and songs, making this the Alan Moore handbook: a must-have for his many comic-book fans and anyone interested in the art of visual storytelling.

Our Take: We're big comic book nerds here at the Legion.  And as such, we're VERY critical of anything comic book related.  This new book spans the career of prolific and popular 'underground' comic books superstar Alan Moore.  His major accomplishments include 'Watchmen', 'V for Vendetta' and more.  I'm a fan of about half his work, especially 
'V for Vendetta', but my favorite book that he worked on was Batman: The Killing Joke.  The Killing Joke changed the way I looked at Batman comics forever.  For a lot of people it was Frank Miller, but Moore's dark and twisted take on the Batman Universe and the relationship of the Batman and Joker really pushed my perceptions of what comic book storytelling could be.  This hardcover book is very cool, its full of color images and TONS of information on Moore's career.  Its a great book for any fan and anyone interested in comic book history. 

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