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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tom Hardy Responds to Fans Critical of Bane & The Dark Knight Rises!

I have to say, this film is quite the sign of the times..between the TONS of leaked set vids and pics and the actors actually addressing internet fans' issues...this is unheard of!

Personally, I think Hardy has to realize that Bane has only been mistreated and underused since his amazing debut back in the mid-1990s.  Dc never knew what to do with him and ever since he's been a thug or a mexian wrestler..its just insane.  We're all hopeful that his Bane lives up to the characters intelligence and brutality.

The below is taken from CineMovie

Tom Hardy was only joking when he said he "cries" after reading online comments at a recent press event in Los Angeles, but in all seriousness, he does take the negative feedback to heart. Against his friends advice, Tom Hardy reads online complaints regarding his role as Bane in the upcoming Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.
"I do read comments and I cry. I can't cry for everybody."
The Warrior star told CineMovie, the Batman fans would've liked the onscreen Bane to be 400 pounds like the comic book character, but it seemed like an impossible feat for the English actor; "I'm like Dude!"

Before taking on the role of Bane in the Christopher Nolan Batman movie, Tom Hardy put his body through a 12-hour rigorous training regimen for Warrior as did his co-star Joel Edgerton.  To become the ex-Marine Tommy Conlon in the inspirational action drama directed by Gavin O'Connor, Tom put on muscle that put him at 179 pounds.  Afterwards, he increased his body mass and is now at his heaviest at 190 pounds for The Dark Knight Rises.

Hardy understands the fans love for their superhero icon and that whoever steps into any role related to that will be scrutinized.
"So many people love him. And when you step into that role - you are  going to fail. And be judged."
Hardy deals with it by "switching off" but he says he is human and its hard to ignore the blogosphere. Ultimately, his job is to be the "best person" he can be in bringing this revered character to life on screen.  Fans eventually will have to put their trust in him as an actor and in director Christopher Nolan.
"Just trust me. I trust Nolan.

Thundercats: The 1st Look at Jackalman!

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As with any good world builder or designer, you get the sense when speaking to Dan Norton, who provides designs for the ThunderCats that he's spent some time thinking critically about what makes the revamped world of Third Earth tick--from its environments to inhabitants and how one affects the other. Earlier this week, Dan spoke with MTV Geek about some of the thinking that went into the latest addition to the show, the updated version of Jackalman. On the heels of our exclusive clip and coverage showing some other surprise characters appearing in the ThunderCats universe, it was our pleasure to pick Mr. Norton's brain about how he and the rest of the team behind the show constructed a Third Earth more dangerous than the characters that live in it.

MTV Geek: Looking at the new Jackalman, the big question that I’ve come back to here as well as with all of the other character redesigns is how do you decide what to keep from the previous series and what to evolve or change?

Dan Norton: When I was looking at the older designs, there were certain things that Jackalman had—like the arm guards and the shoulder guards, you know [and] he was slightly asymmetrical—him as well as the other three main [villains]—Slythe, Jackalman, Monkian—they all looked a little more prehistoric, a lot less refined than the ThunderCats. So, really I wanted to keep that asymmetry, anything that harkens back to the familiarity of the older characters.

With this version, though, did you see off to the side he’s got more bone plates and animal aspects to the clothing instead of the polished metal or the old armor for the old show. And it has somewhat to do with the environment that they’re in as well and where they kind of live. Really, when I made the new designs of the three characters—Slythe, Jackalman, and Monkian—I wanted them to each represent different aspects [of their environment]. Jackalman is on an African plain, kind of an arid plain. He’s going to be a little leaner [and] he’s definitely going to more of a hunter. He might have some metal working but not much. Whereas Slythe is kind of swampy and might kind of a thick, round character. You know, Monkian, again, will be a balance to the three.

Geek: You mentioned the maintaining some of the animal traits of the characters. Could you elaborate on that? For instance, what kind of animal traits were you looking to bring out in Monkian, or Slythe, or Jackalman?

Norton: When I’m looking at the animal traits, for me as a designer, [is] what plays to the animation—that’s kind of worked out by the director. When I’m looking at this, I want to see the ears move to reflect animal behaviors [like] when a dog might feel threatened. So when a Jackalman might feel threatened, his ears might tuck back when he’d be more snarly. I wanted to kind of play into the claws a little bit more and that’s kind of the reason they have exposed feet. We could do a little bit more with that claw.

I’d say more or less in the behaviors, that’s what I’m hoping to get out of it. We played out the nose, face, and ears—that’s a good starting point for animalistic behavior of these characters.

Geek: Pulling back to kind of a broader view of the series: is there an overall theme you’re looking to evoke in this new version of Third Earth? In previous interviews, I’ve noticed you discussing the attempt to elicit mystery from this new world.

Norton: I think a big factor in a show like ThunderCats is exploration. And I think a lot of sci-fi and fantasy shows really want to get this across. This gives us a chance to really explore different terrains and landscapes. Generally, when I’m thinking—when we’re in the creation process to create new environments—of using] something familiar.

For example, I’ve seen a bunch of different plants that are underwater. Like any fish aquarium, when you go to any pet store, you’ll see all kinds of interesting plants that only exist underwater. And it would be more interesting to take those very same structures of colors and put that on land and then make them oversized. So it’s something different and yet a little familiar.
Sometimes [with] these new environments, we can use storytelling elements to give a purpose to the environment that’s going to exaggerate the story.

Geek: One kind of interesting, persistent element is that there seems to be a lot less civilization outside of Thundera. Now you’ve got more unruly natural elements and roving gangs of creatures. Could you talk a little about what went into this particular element of the world?

Norton: Yeah, I think we really wanted to convey a sense of danger—like leaving the safety of Thundera, as you start to go out, the plants are more deadly, the environment is harsh. When we start making extremely dangerous environments, it’s a challenge unto itself for the ThunderCats just to get from point A to point B. So showing overgrowth, showing really aggressive plant life or more rigid terrain, I think, in the back of your mind you’re going to think it’s an arduous task just to get from one place to another, and it takes a ThunderCat just to make that journey.

Geek: So it sounds like this is kind of a neat way of reinforcing for the show’s viewers how tough your characters are since they have to survive in this world.

Norton: Absolutely.

Geek: What about points of inspiration in terms of film or TV or anything else for the look of the show and its environments?

Norton: When I’m looking for reference, I pull a lot from nature: national monuments, photography, live photos—I mean really, there’s a lot of nature that’s already impressive. So just going into an entirety of being a fan of all sorts of fantasy shows, cartoons, movies—you know, one of my favorite movies was Conan the Barbarian. There’s just so many different cartoons, more than I could probably name. I was a big fan of Escaflowne, Record of Lodoss War, all of those rich, fantasy cartoons. Even the old school Rankin Bass [movie] The Last Unicorn and Lord of the Rings, you know, just seeing that and feeding on it for so many years and then seeing people pushing the limit in other shows—you just take what inspires you and add your own edge to it.

Geek: Have you tried to tend more towards science fiction or fantasy when coming up with new designs and updating existing ones?

Norton: It’s kind of weird: what’s cool about this show is I can kind of explore both genres. If I want to take a more “tech” approach to the architecture and just throw some overgrowth on it, you kind of get to achieve both things.

But when you’re looking at an array of past civilizations from all over the world, it becomes kind of a melting pot of different architecture styles and I guess you’re using bits and pieces as the building blocks to create a new culture. So you can get the Japanese pagoda mixed with the medieval castle—although I guess that’s been used several times, we still kind of dip into that bag. Along the way there are lots of different cultures and civilizations over time that have all contributed to a modern understanding of fantasy. We see it all the time and you just kind of create your own recipe out of everything.

Geek: So it’s kind of about re-contextualization, I guess?

Norton: Yeah. I guess I’m a big fan of the History Channel, I’m always watching these old school civilization shows. You find some things that work, that are kind of interesting shapes and design motifs—like mixing in a little bit of Art Deco with a little bit of a medieval approach—kind of experimentation, finding what you like.
Like, I guess, culturally, in a Japanese society—from rural Japan—you might think the inflections of the samurai, you can get a bit of loyalty, honor, and duty. So some of that is kind of cross-bred into the designs so that carries over into the people that live [in Thundera].

Geek: Without spoiling anything, is there a particular environment or design that you’re excited for fans to see?

Norton: Next week’s episode—seven is a huge episode. And part of the theory of ThunderCats, as I’ve mentioned before, about taking it one step further than the previous version, and that’s going to kind of give us something brand new and exciting, even for the old school fans. And so without giving it away, you’re going to see characters that definitely we’re familiar with—we’re going to take them one notch further. So what you’re familiar with, [laughs] you’re going to get a dose of something newer.

Gosh, I really want to mention some stuff, but I guess I should hold back just a little. But some of the design elements that I got to do on the show as far as character-wise that haven’t been revealed yet, what’s cool is that some of the stuff is just freestyling and I got to explore a lot of thought. And somehow that characters that stand out have made their way into the story. The most interesting thing to me is being able to put something in it that’s mine—getting my ingredients into the soup and having my ownership of that in this universe. So that’s always exciting.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Blu-Ray Review

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: First, he was bugged by the almighty burger, now Oscar®-nominated renegade filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) is biting the hand that feeds him by exposing Hollywood’s dirtiest little secret: the games they play to get advertisers’ products strategically placed in movies and on television. Spurlock uses his irreverent comedic style to infiltrate corporate boardrooms and ad agency pitch meetings to show how far they will go without our even knowing it!

Review: Morgan Spurlock has made some fantastic documentary film and television.  His Super Size Me and 30 Days are great watches.  He's a very fair and balanced observer of reality, so watching his documentaries is fantastic.   This go around he's examining the practice of paid product placement in movies.  If you're unfamiliar with this concept or don't really give it much credit, think again.  Spurlock really opens our eyes as he records himself trying to find funding for a film.  The meetings he has and the things that are said blew me away.  Its quite the industry.  This one is a great for any documentary and reality buff!

The special features on this blu-ray include: Commentary with Director Morgan Spurlock, Producer Jeremy Chilnick, Cinematographer Daniel Marracino & Editor Thomas M. Vogt, At the Sundance Film Festival, Shooting for Perfection: Hyatt & JetBlue Behind-the-Scenes, The Greatest Vacation Destination: Aruba, Farris Yakob’s “Phased” Approach, No Ad New York, JetBlue Commercial. Meeting of the Minds: Extended Brand Summit, The Greatest Airline You’ll Ever Fly: JetBlue In-Flight, Hyatt Commercial. Who Owns the News: Dan Rather, My Favorite Commercial: A Montage, Softer Is Louder: Frank Luntz, The Greatest Hotel You’ll Ever Experience: Hyatt Welcome, Buying Self-Confidence: Alternative Marketing, Ralph Nadar: Words of Wisdom, Norm Product Places Morgan, Workin’ Nine to Five (AM): POM Behind-the-Scenes, Alternate Pom Wonderful Commercial, A Diamond Is Forever (A Burden): Sut Jhally and Delving into the Consumer Unconscious: ZMET Extended.

Interest Range: Documentary

Product Spotlight: Hallmark UP Ornament!

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Hallmark is famous for producing the best in Disney ornaments.  This year they've started a brand new series of Pixar characters.  The first ornament is the old man and the kid from UP.  The sculpt on these is amazing.  It looks absolutely movie accurate.  This price is very low, which makes these easy to collect.  You can get in this year on a new series and add a new one each year!  We don't know who will be coming up, but you can bet that Toy Story, Bug's Life and Monsters Inc. are in the near future!

 Image Gallery:

Win a Copy of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 6 on DVD!

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Arrives on DVD September 13 
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Win a copy of the DVD Arriving September 13th
From Twentieth Century Fox Home
Everyone’s favorite gang of frenemies is bringing hijinks and hilarity back to your house when IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON comes to Blu-ray and DVD September 13 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. 
From talking issues like gay marriage to adding a new member of the gang (courtesy of Sweet Dee), season six is a must own for all Sunny fans. 
IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA features Charlie (Charlie Kelly), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Frank (Danny DeVito), five ne’er-do-wells who own and operate Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia. Their constant scheming to get ahead by not-so-redeemable methods usually lands them in a world of hurt, yet they never seem to learn from their mistakes. 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Available on DVD and Blu-ray on on September 13th. 
Please use the following question for your contest (or you may choose your own included in the press release):
What Sunny character recently had a baby?  Email your answer to @
  1. Frank

  2. Sweet Dee

  3. Paddy’s Pub

Follow Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on Twitter @FoxHomeEnt


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The fate of the world lies in the hands of an angel and a demon.
Who will succeed?! Join the conversation on Twitter with #FearItself
Variant Cover by FRANK CHO
FOC – 9/26/11, ON SALE – 10/19/11

Win a Copy of Skateland on DVD!

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Arriving On Blu-ray and DVD August 30th
As the world around him changes, a small town boy is thrust into adulthood and must face the uncertainties of his new life in the mesmerizing and nostalgic SKATELAND, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD August 30th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Ashley Greene (Twilight saga) and Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood) co-star in this powerful coming-of-age drama that took the film festival circuit by storm.  For Ritchie Wheeler (Fernandez), a carefree teenager growing up in a small Texas town, Skateland is more than just a local roller's a fading symbol of friendship and good times.  With everything changing rapidly, the only thing Ritchie can hang on to is his budding romance with the sweet and beautiful Michelle (Greene).  Ritchie is struggling trying to figure out his future, when an unexpected tragedy occurs in Ritchie's one night - and he is forced to make important decisions earlier than he ever imagined. 

To win your own copy of this endearing teen drama, simply answer the following question, email your answer to @

Where is the skating rink that Ritchie and Michelle frequent?
  • Iowa

  • Texas

  • Kansas

  • Missouri 

Young Justice 4" Action Figures Wave 2!

Buy your own Burton 1989 Batmobile on eBay for $640,000

Holy cow, Batman! The world's only fan-built turbine-powered Batmobile replica is now for sale on eBay. And it can be yours for a cool $640,000. Not exactly the cheapest wheels on the planet, but reasonable enough for a one-of-a-kind life-sized replica of the Caped Crusader's signature car. Plus, it's completely street legal. So you can cruise through the streets, and pretend you're Gotham City's crime-fighting billionaire.

It's the folks at Putsch Racing who took it upon themselves to build a real, working Batmobile based on the 1989 Batman movie by Tim Burton. Putsch Racing claims the Batmobile can drive just as well on highways as it does on city streets, the turbine engine is easy to operate, and "service intervals are actually less than that of normal production cars." The ride height of the car's cockpit? Adjustable — just like how it is in new Lamborghinis. Sweet.

The vehicle made its rounds at a variety of car shows, so there's a chance that you might have seen it before. And while it hasn't exactly been a clandestine effort on Putsch Racing's part, you still can't see the car up close and personal without making a "substantial deposit," and only if you're a potential buyer. If you're a Batman fan or a collector who has $640,000 to burn on a new car, then why not? All you need after getting the car is a cowl, a cape, and your very best Batman voice imitation as you shout, "To the Batmobile!"

story thanks to yahoo

Paranormal State: Season 5 DVD Review

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Paranormal State: Season 5 DVD Review

Synopsis: Ryan Buell founded the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) to help understand the inexplicable activities that haunted him as a child. One of the most recognized paranormal societies in the nation, the PRS is made up of fellow seekers and warriors who have dedicated themselves to helping people overcome paranormal phenomena.

In season five of PARANORMAL STATE, Ryan and his team travel deep into the strange and mysterious to try and unravel inexplicable events including sixth-sense experiences, ghost sightings, supernatural disturbances and brushes with the darkest areas of the unknown. Through the use of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recordings and video documentation, and with the help of renowned psychics, demonologists, psychologists and counselors, the PRS explores these bizarre cases in the hopes of helping frightened people who have nowhere else to turn.

Review: Paranormal State Season five is more of the same.  They investigate not only hauntings, but other bizarre paranormal phenomenon.  If you're a fan of Ryan and his team, then this DVD will absolutely not disappoint!

BONUS FEATURES: Cast Commentaries on They Come Out at Night, Haunted Homecoming, and Do Bad Things

DISC 1: Death Room / They Come Out at Night / Spirits of the Slave Dungeon / Ghost on the Tracks / Supernatural Seduction / Return of the Dead: Glove II / Paranormal Detour

DISC 2: Ghosts of the Forgotten / Who is the Lurking Man? / Do Bad Things / Dwelling of the Dead / Haunted Homecoming / Bedroom Eyes / Haunting Connection

DISC 3: Hostage to Fear / Permission to Do Harm / Devil s Hostage / Vendetta / Southern Discomfort at Sweetwater Mansion / Get Out Of This House / If I Should Die 

Interest Range: Supernatural, Hauntings

September 11th: Memorial Edition DVD Review

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September 11th: Memorial Edition DVD Review

Synopsis: New York City, September 11, 2001. The morning everything changed. Ten years after the World Trade Center attacks, HISTORY presents the SEPTEMBER 11TH MEMORIAL COLLECTOR S EDITION, a collection of specials that document a day none of us will ever forget. The collection includes: the Emmy-Award winning 102 Minutes That Changed America, an intensely personal perspective of the tragedy as it was experienced by people around New York... Hotel Ground Zero, the incredible tale of the 940 tourists, visitors and staff in the Marriott WTC Hotel, located beneath and between the Twin Towers... The Miracle of Stairway B, the story of 12 firefighters, three office workers, and a Port Authority police officer who survived the collapse of the North Tower... The Day the Towers Fell, a riveting special that reveals the never-before-told stories of eyewitnesses, including amateur and professional photographers, caught in the horror of the World Trade Center tragedy.

Review: September 11th obviously affected everyone in our country.  It was our greatest tragedy and the first real attack on the United States of America on our soil.  This monumental and sad occasion is landmarked by this great new DVD from the History Channel!  This one is a great way to remember all of the events of 9-11.  This would be a fantastic DVD for homeschoolers and or for any classroom with the tenth anniversary of 9-11 coming up this year.

The special features on this DVD include: BONUS FEATURES: I-Witness to 9/11 a remarkable short film companion piece to 102 Minutes That Changed America

DISC 1: 102 Minutes That Changed America
DISC 2: Hotel Ground Zero / The Miracle of Stairway B / The Day the Towers Fell

Interest Range: Documentary

Gossip Girl: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

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Gossip Girl: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: Here's the dish, "GG" fans: the 22 episodes of Season Four couldn't be juicier! And "Gossip Girl" is there to keep you clued in to the buzz, secrets and scandals of Manhattan's elite. Between Blair and Serena's thrilling summer in Paris, Chuck's new girlfriend and new identity, unexpected fatherhood for Dan, a power play for Bass Industries, Blair's too-haute-to-handle internship at W Magazine and a vicious conspiracy that threatens to bring down one of your favorite Upper East Siders, Season Four sizzles with some very surprising hookups and meltdowns. With lies and betrayals at every turn, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, and Dan struggle to "keep their friends close and their frenemies closer".

Review: This DVD set collects all 22 episodes of the fourth season of the hit drama, "Gossip Girl".   I've never seen a show so full of DRAMA!  It goes round and round with this girl being slutty and this girl being a tramp and this guy cheating on this girl..its absolutely fantastic!  This show is great, because it is based on the elite of society, there is a TON of great fashion to be seen, which is a main watching point for a lot of people.  If you're a fan of this show, season four does not disappoint.

The special features on this DVD set include: Bisoux a Paris!: Go Abroad on a Spree in Paris with the Cast and Creative Teams, Exposing Gossip Girl: The Making of Episode 18: The Complete Lowdown on the Creative Processes Behind The Kids Stay in the Picture, Gag Reel and Unaired Scenes.

Interest Range: Drama

Phineas & Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension DVD Review

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Phineas & Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension DVD Review

Synopsis: Just when you thought Phineas and Ferb had done it all (including winning an Emmy(R) Award), they take their adventures to a whole new dimension in their first full-length movie - "Phineas And Ferb The Movie: Across The 2nd Dimension" - featuring exclusive deleted scenes and all-new bonus only on Disney DVD! When Phineas, Ferb, and Perry follow Dr. Doofenshmirtz through his "Otherdimensionator", they find themselves in an alternate universe where a second, truly evil Dr. Doof rules over his Tristate Area with an army of iron-fisted robots. To save his friends from certain doom, Perry makes the ultimate sacrifice by revealing his secret identity as Agent P. Phineas and Ferb escape, meet their 2nd dimension selves, and begin their own mission to rescue Perry. So begins an epic battle as our heroes try to save their home from the clutches of Evil Dr. Doof... and his sidekick Platyborg! Will Evil Doof succeed and achieve dual world domination? Will Candace finally bust her brothers? Find out in this action-packed, epic adventure - so huge that it crosses over time and space.

Review: Phineas and Ferb is a highly popular Disney Channel original cartoon.  My kids drive me crazy with it on a daily basis, lol.   They went absolutely crazy for this direct to DVD film based on the cartoon.  They loved the movie and really felt that it kept in tone with the show.  The movie is energetic, fun and full of insanity that any kid will love!  The soundtrack to the film can be downloaded, which our kids promptly did and put on their MP3 players, and you have a 'Build Your Own Platypult' feature too, which they're all over!  This one is a win.

8 Deleted Scenes, Interactive Menus with Easter Eggs, Subtitles: English, French and Spanish.

"Animatin'" Music Video; "Perry-oke" Sing-Along Feature; Dr. D's Jukebox-inator; Bonus Episode: "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" with Character Commentary and Creator Commentary; Disc Two: Digital Copy: Feature Film + 8 Digital Music Tracks - "I Walk Away", "Everything's Better With Perry", "A Brand New Best Friend" (and It's Me), "Summer" (Where Do We Begin?), "Brand New Reality", "Robot Riot", "Takin' Care of Things", "Mysterious Force".

Interest Range: Animation, Disney Channel

Bambi II (Two-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray / DVD Combo) Review

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Bambi II (Two-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray / DVD Combo) Review

Synopsis: All your favorite friends are back - Bambi, Thumper, Owl, Flower and Faline in this magnificent Special Edition of Bambi II - now available for the first time in Blu-ray High Definition. 

Return to the forest and join Bambi as he reunites with his father, The Great Prince, who must now raise the young fawn on his own. But in the adventure of a lifetime, the proud parent discovers there is much he can learn from his spirited young son.

Celebrate the unbreakable bonds of family and the power of friendship in this unforgettable coming-of-age tale your family will enjoy again and again.

Review: Bambi II is a direct-to-video sequel to the 1942 classic Disney film.  Now, typically these direct to home sequels aren't as good as the originals and, while entertaining, just don't stack up.  This one is different...Bambi II is awesome!  The film looks back to a pivotal, but tragic scene in the original film and continues on with the tale of Bambi similarly styled animation and brand new songs.  This one does a fantastic job of not only being well-written, but absolutely heart-warming.  This is the first time that you can own it on blu-ray!  We highly recommend picking this up for your family's collection, its a must-have!

Interest Range: Disney, Animation

The Man Who Walked Between The Towers and More Inspiring Tales DVD Review

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The Man Who Walked Between The Towers and More Inspiring Tales DVD Review

Synopsis: This collection from Scholastic Storybook Treasures includes "#The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, which was inspired by the true story of Philippe Petit, who famously crossed between the twin towers of The World Trade Center via high wire in 1974, as well as "Crow Boy", "The Dinosaurs of Warehouse Hawkins", and "Miss Rumphius".

Review: Scholastic is famous for putting out fantastic and quality children's content.  This new DVD features a tale of Philippe Petit, which is timely, since the ten year anniversary of 9-11 is coming up.  This one includes a few other great stories and is a wonderful watch for kids of all ages.  We highly recommend.

Interest Range: Kids, Scholastic

For A Few Dollars More Blu-Ray Review

click the title above to read the full review...

For A Few Dollars More Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A ringing instance of a sequel far outstripping its predecessor, Sergio Leone's For a Few Dollars More takes the lethal antihero from A Fistful of Dollars, gives him both a rival and an adversary worthy of sharing a gun-blazing corrida, and ratchets up the stylization to something approaching grandeur. This time the Man with No Name (Clint Eastwood) is a bounty hunter whose desert Southwest killing ground is suddenly crowded by the presence of an older, black-clad shootist (Lee Van Cleef). Individually and together, they terminate sundry grotesques while closing in on their biggest quarry, a memorably insane bandit called El Indio (Gian Maria Volonté is brilliant). There's just enough plot to imbue Van Cleef with genuine mystery, a dark avenging angel from a lost past whose pull would supply the emotional core of Leone's later masterworks Once upon a Time in the West and Once upon a Time in America. Leone's bravura widescreen compositions are breathtaking, and Ennio Morricone's music score--tinged with lunatic religiosity--is his first great one. --Richard T. Jameson Product Description "The leading icon of a generation" (Roger Ebert), Academy Award(r) winner* Clint Eastwood continues his trademark role as the legendary "Man With No Name" in this second installment of the famous Sergio Leone trilogy. Scripted by Luciano Vincenzoni and featuring Ennio Morricone's haunting musical score, For A Few Dollars More is a modern classicone of the greatest Westerns evermade. Eastwood is a keen-eyed, quick-witted bounty hunter on the bloody trail of Indio, the territory's most treacherous bandit. But his ruthless rival, Colonel Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef, High Noon), is determined to bring Indio in first...dead or alive! Failing to capture their preyor eliminate each otherthe two are left with only one option: team up, or face certain death atthe hands of Indio and his band of murderous outlaws.

Review: This sequel to a Fistful of Dollars is on blu-ray for the first time.  This western series is what made Eastwood's career legend.  This sequel defies the Hollywood sequel wrap and really provides us with a great film.  The movie looks wonderful in high definition and is a great addition to the collection of any western or Clint Eastwood fan!

Interest Range: Western

Marvel ALMOST got Batman and Superman back in 1984!

This is the blog post from Jim Shooter, former Marvel big wig!

Sometime in February, 1984, my secretary (it was okay to say “secretary” in those days) the wonderful Lynn Cohen told me that Bill Sarnoff was on the phone. Not his secretary, Bill Sarnoff himself, holding for me.

Great Scott!

Bill Sarnoff was the Big Cheese, I forget his exact title, of the publishing arm of Warner Communications. Among the operations under his purview was DC Comics.

Bill introduced himself, as if that was necessary. What he wanted to talk about was licensing the publishing rights for all DC characters to Marvel Comics.

Holy hegemony, Billman!

Bill said, more or less, that Marvel seemed to be able to turn a substantial profit on publishing comics, as opposed to DC, which consistently lost money, a lot of money, and had for a long time. On the other hand, LCA (Licensing Corporation of America), Warner’s licensing arm did very well with the DC properties, while Marvel “didn’t seem to do much licensing.”

I guess the few million a year we made from licensing, mostly from Spider-Man, seemed paltry to him, what with the fortune that just their big four, Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman brought in.

I told him I thought Marvel would be very interested, and that I would discuss it with Marvel’s President, Jim Galton.

So, I did. I told Galton about my conversation with Sarnoff. Galton said he’d give Sarnoff a call.

The next day, I went upstairs, poked my head into Galton’s office and asked whether he’d called Sarnoff and, if so, how that went?

Galton said he told Sarnoff we weren’t interested.

I was stunned. Why not?!

Galton said—and this is prima facie evidence of the fact that he missed Comic Books 101 in publishing school—since DC books weren’t selling, “those characters must not be any good.”

Great Krypton!

Trying not to sound too crazed, I explained that they were great characters and that the DC editorial people were, frankly, doing a pretty poor job with them. And that we could do better. A lot better.

I talked him into calling Sarnoff back and telling him we’d give it some thought.

I left his office with instructions to put together a business plan and present it to Joe Calamari, Executive V.P. of Business Affairs.

It took me about three days to put together a presentable plan.

The first part of the business plan was the publishing plan. I decided that we should launch with seven titles and build from there, if all went well. The titles were:


I projected that we would sell 39 million copies the first two years generating a pre-tax profit (gross revenues less cost of goods sold, royalties, staff, SG&A, etc.) of roughly $3,500,000.

That was huge money for a comic book publisher in 1984.

That was with just the original seven titles—no expansion of the line—though if we were doing that well, obviously, we’d add titles. Slowly and carefully, if I had anything to say about it.

I anticipated adding one editor, two assistants and one production person to start.

I presented the plan to Joe Calamari, as ordered. Here’s my cover memo:
Calamari enthusiastically endorsed my plan.

Galton was still skeptical. He thought my projections were crazy high. He sent the plan to the circulation department to review.

Somebody leaked. Rumors spread.

My first clue was when John Byrne showed up in my office one day with his cover for…
It wasn’t a sketch. It was a cover. Might even have been inked, I forget. I don’t have a copy of the thing, but I’ll bet Byrne still has the original. Somebody should ask him to display it on his site if he hasn’t already.

He had a story worked out, too, as I recall. He reallyreallyreally wanted to do Superman.

I think I remember Byrne telling me once that he had watched the first Superman movie over 1,100 times.


When the circulation department said they had completed their analysis of my plan, Galton called a meeting to discuss it. Besides Galton and me, Ed Shukin, V.P. of Circulation and Direct Sales Manager Carol Kalish were present. I don’t think Calamari was there. V.P. of Finance Barry Kaplan might have been.

Galton asked what Shukin’s take on my numbers was. Shukin said the numbers were “ridiculous.” Galton sort of smirked at me.

“We’ll do more than DOUBLE these numbers,” Shukin said.

Oh, my stars and garters!

And so, negotiations with Sarnoff began in earnest. I was a spectator at that point. The suits took over.


Very soon thereafter, First Comics launched a lawsuit against Marvel Comics and others, alleging anti-trust violations, among other things.

One test of anti-competitive market dominance is market share of 70% or more. At that time Marvel held a nearly 70% share, 69-point-something. DC was around 18%.

I think it’s safe to say that when you’re being sued under anti-trust laws, it’s a bad time to devour your largest competitor.

On the other hand, there is the “we-have-a-clue-and-they-don’t” or “superior acumen” defense. We considered arguing that defense and pressing on with the deal.

But, no. Ultimately, the suits and lawyers decided to play it safe and backed away from the DC deal.


P.S. First’s suit was nonsense. They alleged that we had flooded the market. Our actual increase in releases published during the “flood” year from the year before? Six. Six issues, not series. They alleged that we had used our dominance to fix prices with World Color Press to inflate their costs. In discovery, it came out that we were paying more than they were! (And that news made Galton and the print production people very peeved!) Etc.


I’ll write more about the First suit someday. Enough about that for now.

Net result, no SUPERMAN –First Marvel Issue! Too bad. It would have been fun

Henry's Crime Blu-Ray Review

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Henry's Crime Blu-Ray Review


Review: Henry's Crime is a very alternative and different type of crime drama.  The film has a great twist as a guy that gets out of jail decides to rob the bank he was falsely committed of robbing in the first place!  Its a great testament to the difficulty that ex-cons, regardless of guilt or innocence, have blending back into society.  Keanu Reeves actually does a very nice job in this film.  I'm not usually a fan of his acting, but this time he really pulls it out.  A great watch.

Interest Range: Drama

Norwegian Ninja DVD Review

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Norwegian Ninja DVD Review

Synopsis: In 1984 high ranking Norwegian diplomat Arne Treholt was tried and convicted of acting as a spy on behalf of the Soviet Union. But what if the courts got it wrong? What if the case against him was a sham? What if dare we consider Treholt was not a spy at all but a patriot of the highest order and the leader of a secret ninja force created by King Olav? A ninja force locked in a secret battle against all who would challenge Norwegian sovereignty?

A fictionalized account of the most notorious political scandal in Norwegian history, Norwegian Ninja is a deliciously tongue-in-cheek spoof of the Cold War spy movie, with added ninja action. Because, as everyone knows, every story can be made better with ninjas. Blending historical events and actual newsreel footage of the Treholt affair with his own less-than-historical elements, writer-director Thomas Cappelen Malling creates the Rushmore of ninja films, a film that wryly questions just how truthful the truth really is. And then sends a ninja to punch the truth in the face.

Review: Now, judging by both the cover and the title, Norwegian Ninja, this could be either super hilarious or super lame.  Which one is it?  Its awesome.  If you enjoy campy film at ALL and political satire, this one is for you.  This film basically retells actual Norwegian cold war-era events with a crazy new twist.  You don't really need to be familiar with the actual events to enjoy this one.  Its a very subtle type of silly and very fun.

Interest Range: Action, Spoof Comedy

The Greening of Southie DVD Review

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The Greening of Southie DVD Review

Synopsis: Set in the streets of South Boston, THE GREENING OF SOUTHIE is a feature documentary about Boston's first residential green building, The Macallen Building, from the perspective of the men and women who bring it to life.

With its wheatboard cabinetry and recycled steel, bamboo floors and living roof, The Macallen Building is a revolutionary model of environmentally friendly design. But building green has its challenges, and the jobsite has its skeptics. And when things on the building star to go wrong, the young development team has to keep the project from unraveling.

Review: The Greening of Southie refers to a cool new all-green residential building in South Boston.  This documentary goes into the building and technicals behind setting up this community.  This one you could assume would be a bit dry and slow moving, but it was actually very informative and full of great info on going green.  A wonderful watch for anyone interested in the subject.

Interest Range: Documentary

The 5th Quarter Blu-Ray Review

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The 5th Quarter Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: In the spirit of "The Blind Side" comes this inspiring true story of family, faith and football. Aidan Quinn and Andie MacDowell deliver emotionally stirring performances as the mother and father of Jon Abbate, a rising football star at Wake Forest University. Their lives are suddenly shattered when the family's youngest son, Luke, is killed in a tragic accident. Inspired by Luke's memory, Jon courageously leads the Wake Forest team to a series of last-minute victories - leading to a thrilling climax that will "make you stand up and cheer!" (NYC Movie Guru).

Review: Its hard to find a film that is appropriate for the entire family.  This is one of those rare films that is inspiring and touching, but still manages to be a safe watch for the kids.  This one has a great message of family, devotion, faith and teamwork!  We definately recommend.

Interest Range: Drama, Family

Samurai Girls: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray Review

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Samurai Girls: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Muneakiru Yagyu is a gifted student of the samurai way. But until he arrives at his dojo, he never knew how gifted he truly was. Because there, a beautiful girl, Jubei, falls-naked-from the sky and right into his arms. And when they kiss, he magically transforms her into a powerful master samurai. So, naturally, every beautiful girl at the dojo can't wait to kiss him. And some, like the sexy Gisen, want to do even more. It's a tale of power and lust, filled with beautiful, scantily clad swordfighters who will do anything to please their master and attain even greater power. Get your sword ready for Samurai Girls!

Review: Samurai Girls isn't your average anime.  We're talking several busty girls doing martial arts.  Score.  This one is not only full of cool action, but the story is cute and funny and a great laugh at times.  The animation quality is fantastic and the dubbed-over voice acting is really good quality.

This blu-ray release is the complete series, which is a total of 12 episodes.  This one is a great addition to any anime enthusiast's collection. 

Interest Range: Anime

Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy Volume 1 DVD Review

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Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy Volume 1 DVD Review

Synopsis: HISTORY breaks comedic ground as Larry the Cable Guy takes a zany spin around the U.S. From the Oregon Trail to the Grand Canyon, from crossing the Delaware to searching for California's gold, Larry's signature persona delivers offbeat America, with stories of real history and loads of down-home fun. Larry "gits-r-done," as he visits iconic sites, engaging people along the way. ONLY IN AMERICA WITH LARRY THE CABLE GUY brings fun-loving "country" to an historic level.

Review: Larry the Cable guy has been around for years.  In fact, he is from our hometown.  He used to call into the local radio shows with his fake hillbilly persona and was good for some laughs.  Then, he suddenly blew up with the blue collar comedy tour and has been a nationwide phenomenon ever since.  He takes his signature backwater charm and tours America to show us diffferent sites and iconic areas.   Larry's lovable charm is a great way to learn and he's always entertaining.

ONLY IN AMERICA WITH LARRY THE CABLE GUY VOLUME ONE includes 10 hysterical episodes. 

Interest Range: Larry the Cable Guy

Storage Wars: Season 1 DVD Review

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Storage Wars: Season 1 DVD Review

Synopsis: Follow four professional buyers and their teams as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure in Season 1 of the new A&E original real life series, STORAGE WARS. Part gamblers and part detectives, these seasoned veterans negotiate the fascinating and obscure world of storage auction and consignment, finding everything from dead bodies to the world s most valuable comic book collection and paying as little as ten dollars for items valued in the millions. Each episode of STORAGE WARS follows a group of bidders as they get a quick peek inside the units, aided only by a flashlight. They then must assess on the spot if the unit is worth a bid and how high they re willing to go. The high-stakes fun begins as they see if the resulting buy is full of mostly trash...or true treasure. Driven by Dan Dotson, one of the most successful and outrageous auctioneers in the country, STORAGE WARS cast of buyers is as colorful and varied as the treasures they uncover.

Review: Storage Wars is a huge hit show for A&E.  It takes the viewer inside the little known world of storage locker purchasing.  This is the reality behind how many thrift stores and flea market sellers exist.  The show features a handful of very different personalities at different stages of the game and shows how they clash over various bidding on the lockers they need to survive.  Our favorite personality to come out the show so far is Dave Hester "The Mogul".  He's all business and he knows what he's doing.  He isn't there for drama, he isn't there to make buddies..he's just trying to work.  This is a phenominal show and we cannot recommend it enough.  This DVD collects the full first season..its a must have!

Interest Range: Reality, Storage Wars

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thundercats Episode #7 "LEGACY" Video ....SILVERHAWKS?!?!?!

Click The Above Title for the full story... joke Thunder fans.  MTV Geek posted advanced video and pics of this week's episode and it does confirm the existance of the Silverhawks AND Tigersharks in this new universe.  Holy crap. 

Get More: MTV Shows

Troll Hunter Blu-Ray Review

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Troll Hunter Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: The government says there's nothing to worry about it's just a problem with bears making trouble in the mountains and forests of Norway. But local hunters don't believe it and neither do a trio of college students who want to find out the truth. Armed with a video camera, they trail a mysterious poacher, who wants nothing to do with them. However, their persistence lands them straight in the path of the objects of his pursuits: trolls. They soon find themselves documenting every move of this grizzled, unlikely hero the trollhunter risking their lives to uncover the secrets of creatures only thought to exist in fairy tales.

Review: The Troll Hunter, at first glance, looks like a cheap and low budget genre film.  We recommend, however, that you take a second look.   The Troll Hunter is a Norwegian language film that has English subtitles.  The mockumentary style film is done with the shaky-cam style of the Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield.  This film is absolutely full of sublte hilarity.  Its funny and fantastically entertaining!  The CGI on the trolls is really well done and integrates pretty seamlessly.  This one is a must see!

Interest Range: Sci-Fi, Fantasy