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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tekken Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Review

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Tekken Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Review

Synopsis: The year is 2039 and the world wars have destroyed everything and territories are run by corporations. The mightiest of which is TEKKEN. In the midst of the ruined society, one warrior rises from the streets. A young man with street smarts and raw fighting skills who is driven by nothing more than vengeance must defeat the world’s most elite fighters in the greatest tournament ever known and become the “King of Iron Fist”.

Review: Tekken instantly gets respect from me, being a film based on a video game.  I suffered through the Mortal Kombat films and Street Fighter, so whats another martial arts tournament flick under my belt?  No sweat!  I enjoyed the Tekken games, especially Tekken 3.  In fact, my sweet Tekken 3 arcade skills are something I used to bond with my future wife of 13 years over!  I impressed her with my mad skills....or so I thought! lol.  But I digress...this film is actually really well made, which surprised me, I'll be honest.  It was a simple plot, but well produced and rather entertaining.  It would definately recommend.

Interest Range: Action, Martial Arts, Video Games