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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mandrake: Seasons One and Two DVD Review

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Mandrake: Seasons One and Two DVD Review

Synopsis: Dare to know Mandrake (Marcos Palmeira), an exciting detective series that follows the life of Paulo Mandrake, the alluring and attractive criminal lawyer from Rio de Janeiro.  Specializing in resolving cases of blackmail and extortion, Mandrake is the primary liaison between the lower class of Rio de Janeiro and high society. When Mandrake is not in a bar to seduce a woman, or around the city chasing an enemy, we can find him in the law firm with Wexler (Luis Carlos Miele), a cynic philosopher, and lawyer of 70 years, whom Mandrake regards as a father figure. Part James Bond and part Rat Pack.

Review: Mandrake is a great detective show from Brazil.  The show is like James Bond meets Oceans 11.  Its full of fantastic writing, great mystery and tons of wit.   Mandrake is not only likeable, but is tough and full of personality.  This is a great show and to get seasons one and two all at once was definately a treat.  A very fun watch, beware you will have to be ok with subtitles.

Mandrake: Seasons One and Two features 13 one-hour episodes presented in Portuguese. It is dubbed in Spanish and features English subtitles. Total runtime is approximately 720 minutes. The four disc set will be available for $19.98 SRP.

Interest Range: HBO Latin America