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Monday, July 18, 2011

Funko Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks

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Definition Day!

I know it's summer but lets have a quick lesson in vocabulary.
I have a point...I promise.
wise: having knowledge or information as to facts, circumstances, etc.
crack: do you know how many definitions of this word on are 54. everything from 'to break without complete seperation of parts' or 'to make a sudden sharp sound' to, my personal favorite, 'to suffer a mental or emotional breakdown'.
My point is...These definitions mean NOTHING in regards to this email. Well, on their own.
But if you put these two words together. Yay...We have reached "My Point". It's a thing of beauty.
wisecrack: an amusing remark, lacking serious intent
Funko and Lucasfilm have, once again, teamed up to create an OUT OF THIS WORLD Star Wars item!
We are taking the fun humor that is intertwined throughout these epic films and pairing it with a 7" stylized, retro-finished bobble head.

Who does this?!!?!? We do. And we do it gladly. Let's take a peek.
Star Wars Wacky Wisecrack
 Darth Vader: Galaxy's #1 Father
 The #1 DAD blue ribbon pretty much says it all.
 Boba Fett: Totally FETT Up!

Explain your frustrations PLAYFULLY with this bobble head.
 Yoda: Yoda' Man!
I wouldn't want to be called 'da man' by anybody else. Wink!
 Princess Leia: Spoiled Little Princess

I'm not spoiled...I'M NOT, I'M NOT, I'M NOT!

 Darth Vader: I Love You Sith Much!
Gosh darn he is huggable!

 Stormtrooper: The Dark Side Made Me Do It!