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Monday, June 20, 2011

Transformers Beast Wars: Season One DVD Review

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Transformers Beast Wars: Season One DVD Review

Synopsis: When the descendants of the treacherous Decepticons, now known as Predacons, land on a mysterious planet in search of the powerful fuel Energon, it’s up to Optimus Primal and the heroic Maximals to stop them before they conquer the universe!

In 1996 Transformers fans were introduced to this stunning saga created by Hasbro and the studio behind the groundbreaking computer-generated animated series ReBoot. Beast Wars ran for three amazing seasons, won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation and introduced a new generation of fans to the astonishing world of The Transformers! Now you can see the first 26 incredible episodes of this breathtaking animated epic.

Review: The Transformers were off the air for awhile following the Generation One run in the 1980s.  The next show produced was done using the best technology of the animated graphics.  This was a really new frontier back in 1996 and the show definately reflects that.  A lot of the graphics are basic and stiff, but the storylines are fantastic.  This show is a great piece of animation history, as a pre-pixar era computer animated show became a phenomenon.  

This DVD includes the first 26 episodes of the three season show.  They look absolutely amazing on DVD and are long overdue for fans!  Shout! Factory has another fantastic Transformers release on their hands.

The special features on this DVD include: Maximize! Creating a new breed of Transformer, Art gallery and Original character models.

Interest Range: Transformers, Vintage Animation