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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Unofficial Guide To Harry Potter Collectibles Book Review

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The Unofficial Guide To Harry Potter Collectibles Book Review

About the Book: Let the magic live on! Here is a true guide to discovering what's hot and what's not in the world of Harry Potter® collectibles. Over 220 full color photos guide you through the enchanting and bewitching wizarding world of action figures, mini-busts, statuettes, and dolls. The featured action figures cover the first decade of production (2001-2010), manufactured first by Mattel® and later by NECA. Gain useful information on Harry Potter® manufacturers, including Mattel®, NECA, Gentle Giant, Ltd.®, and Tonner® Dolls. The values in the captions let you find out what your Harry Potter® collectibles are worth on the market today. Whether you are a passionate fan, dedicated collector or a mere "muggle" curious about the wizarding world, this book is for you.

Our Take: The newest and final Harry Potter film is set to be released in mid-July.  The collecting craze is at its largest peak yet.  This new pictoral reference guide features Harry Potter products from the first film all the way to present.  Its everything from the Mattel and Neca toys to the higher-end Tonner dolls.  I love that collecting Harry Potter is so finite that you can have a little reference book for it.  I collect Batman in a pretty major way and there's no end to that!  This book is full of great full-color pics and is a nice half-size, so that you can take it with you when you're out and about if you like.  Its a good reference guide and a great buy for a great price. 

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