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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Louie: Season One (DVD/Blu-ray Combo in Blu-ray Packaging) Review

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Louie: Season One (DVD/Blu-ray Combo in Blu-ray Packaging) Review

Synopsis: From the uproariously unrestrained mind of comedian Louis C.K. comes the year’s most outrageously original comedy! As a newly-divorced, well-meaning father raising two young daughters, Louie struggles to cope with his strenuous mid-life shake-up, and his stand-up comedy provides a gleefully warped reflection of his hectic, everyday reality. There are disastrous first dates, indecent proposals, high school bullies, booze-addled play dates—and more. Featuring stellar guest stars such as Matthew Broderick and Ricky Gervais, Louie is unfiltered, off-kilter, and hilarious!

Review: What do you say about Louie?   He is the finest shining example of human waste.  He is downtrodden, miserable, grumpy and bizarre all at once.  This makes, of course, for a hilarious tv show.  Its ackward and dark and certainly odd.  Its honestly the involvement of comedian Ricky Gervais (The Office) that drew me to this series.  He makes a cameo as Louie's doctor and that was enough for me to give it a chance, and I'm glad that I did.  The second season is going strong, so now is a good time to get caught up on the first!  This set offers the complete first season in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats in a nice and compact blu-ray-sized case. 

Interest Range: Comedy, FX