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Friday, June 17, 2011

Kingdom of War, Part One DVD Review

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Kingdom of War, Part One DVD Review

Synopsis: As a follow up to Chatreechalerm Yukol's THE LEGEND OF SURIYOTHAI, KINGDOM OF WAR is an epic historical action film about King Naresuanthe Great, who liberated the Siamese from the control of Burma, changing the destiny of a nation. Part 1 introduces Naresuanas a child prince captured by the Burmese King Bayinnaungin order to keep the province of Ayudhya subservient. Naresuan spends almost seven years away from home studying as a novice Buddhist monk.

Review:  This DVD release is part one of the historical asian epic.  The visuals and scenery are epic in nature and well-done.  The film is subtitled in English or Spanish, so be forewarned.  The acting is great and the story is absolutely riveting.  I look forward to checking-out part two, which is also being released at the same time.  Yukol has managed to make a historical drama absolutely spinetingling and fantastic.

Interest Range: Action