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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hair Blu-Ray Review

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Hair Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Let the sunshine in with this memorable musical tribute to the far-out spirit of the ’60s — on Blu-ray for the first time!

Fresh off the farm, Claude Bukowski (John Savage) arrives in New York City to join the army, but he’s quickly swept up in the counterculture when a group of hippies introduce him to their psychedelic world…and a beautiful rich girl named Sheila (Beverly D’Angelo). When the group’s leader (Treat Williams) tries to keep Claude out of Vietnam, the consequences are shocking for everyone involved.

Review: The classic film Hair didn't do so great at the box office.  It was sandwiched between "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus" for the director and it really didn't have the same impact as the other two.  What it did do is masterfully re-create the look, tone and feel of the 1960s hippie anti-war movement in New York City.  The film is one blu -ray now for the first time and whether you've seen it before or this is your first time, you should definately see this film.  The transfer into high-definition did well for the film!  It looks very smooth and the colors pop well.  The soundtrack is great, primarily set to Aquarius.  All around great release.

Interest Range: Cult Classic