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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Train Like a Power Ranger!

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Green Ranger Jacks
Put your hands on your waist. Put your feet shoulder width apart. Jump and bring your knees up and together and land with your feet together. Then jump your feet out to where you started, and do it again! Do 5 Ranger Jacks, then rest, then do 5 more.

Yellow Ranger Cobra Pose
Start by sitting on your knees with your hands on your waist. Put your hands out in front of you. First dip your head down towards the floor, then push up with your hands and arch your back like a cobra! Do it in reverse to end up back on your knees. Do it 3 times slowly.

Pink Ranger Upper Body Stretch
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees, turn to your right, and stretch your left hand out in front of you as far as it will go, and stretch your right hand behind you at the same time. Repeat on other side. Do 5x each side.

Blue Ranger Crab Crawl
Sit down on the floor. Put your feet out in front of you, put your hand behind you. Raise up your body on your hands and feet, and crawl around like a crab! Try and crawl on your hands and feet for 3 mins.

Red Ranger Mirror Stance
Stand facing a friend (you can also do it at home in the mirror by yourself!). Decide who is going to lead – the other person tries to copy the leader exactly. Watch the move first, and then we can try it together. Step right, crossing over your feet and your hands. Then step right again and uncross. Try and be a perfect mirror! Now go the other way. Practice until you can follow your partner.