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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Roommate Blu-Ray Review

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The Roommate Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: She's cute. She's loyal. She's psychotic. And, unfortunately for college freshman Sara (Kelly), she's her new roommate. When Sara arrives at school, she finds new romance with Stephen (Gigandet) and forms a fast friendship with her roommate Rebecca (Meester). What begins as camaraderie soon turns creepy, and Sara comes face-to-face with the terrifying realization that her new best friend is obsessive, unbalanced...and maybe even a killer!

Review: The Roommate is one of those thrillers that has the new girl move-in and become obsessed with her new roommate.  She at first seems like a great girl..a new best friend, but eventually becomes obsessed and even violent.  The film doesn't have a lot of surprises, but it has some decent acting...especially a cool cameo from Billy Zane.   This one delivers on thrills.

The special features on this blu-ray include: Director's Commentary, movieIQ, Alternate Opening Sequence, Obsession: The Making of The Roommate, The Roommate: Next Generation of Stars and Dressing Dangerously.

Interest Range: Drama