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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Comancheros 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

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The Comancheros 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: John Wayne is Capt. Jake Cutter, a Texas Ranger determined to crush a powerful outlaw gang that's selling guns to the Indians. Cutter is also trying to bring in gambler Paul Regret (Whitman), who's wanted for murder. Both missions get entangled when Cutter crosses paths with Regret unexpectedly, and the men form an unlikely friendship while Regret decides which side of the law he's really on. Co-starring Ina Balin, Nehemiah Persoff and Lee Marvin, The Comancheros is a rousing western, and the last film of director Michael Curtiz.

Review: The Comancheros is a vintage western film starring the Duke, John Wayne.  This was one of his later westerns and it was rather underappreciated in its time, but has really stood the test of time.  This is the first time its been transfered onto blu-ray high-definition.  The film looks great, very clear and crisp.  As far as classic westerns go, this is definately a must-have.

Special features include audio commentary with Patrick Wayne and Film Historians and Fox Movietone News. New special features include The Duke At Fox Documentary, The Comancheros and the Battle For The Southwest Documentary, Vintage Comancheros Comic Book Photo Gallery and a Conversation with Stuart Whitman Audio Interview.

Interest Range: Vintage Fim, John Wayne