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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michael Uslan on Batman Video Interview

Paltalk’s Diana Falzone Chats with Batman Producer, Archie Comics writer - the Legendary Michael Uslan. Uslan talks Rejections, Christian Bale and His Personal Connection to the One and Only Dark Knight of Gotham
Michael Uslan, the man behind the Batman movies, Archie Comics and more, sat down with Paltalk’s own Diana Falzone to discuss his career, his thoughts on the infamous Dark Knight superhero and give those trying to break into the business some advice to following their dream.  In the interview he discussed his new book “The Boy Who Loved Batman” – a semi-autobiographical piece about his journey and insight on his vision for the superhero that he has worked hard to develop from the comic book pages to the big screen. 
Below are some highlights viewers can see in the video:
·         Which actor is his favorite Batman/Bruce Wayne for all generations
o   “Each Bruce Wayne by each actor has been something completely different.  Michael Keaton, Bruce Wayne – obsessed, driven to the point of being psychotic… Tim Burton, genius that he was/is said, ‘Audiences have to believe in this guy, they have to believe in Bruce Wayne – he’s a guy who is capable of putting on a bat suit and going out and fighting crime without getting the giggles.’  With Val Kilmer he was more of a dark mysterious, darkly romantic version of Bruce Wayne.  George Clooney was the warm and fuzzy guy next door…and then Christian Bale I think has just nailed it.  Nailed it for every generation – it really doesn’t matter what generation of Batman Comics you were raised on or if you saw those cartoons or these cartoons, or if you saw those movies or these movies; for me, for everybody he is the believable Bruce Wayne on a very personal human journey.”  (12:00)
·         Why Batman was always his favorite superhero and how that shapes how he portrays the character today? 
o   “At age 8, Batman was my favorite superhero.  More than Spiderman or the Hulk.  And it was really for two reasons – one, because he had the greatest super villains.  So far better than everybody else.  Number two, is because he was human.  He had no super powers.  Batman’s greatest superpower is his humanity.  And at age 8, I believed in my heart of hearts that if I studied real hard, and worked out real hard, and if my dad bought me a cool car, I could be this guy. “ (3:41)
·On whether he sees himself as Batman or Bruce Wayne?
o   “I think I’m Bruce Wayne.  I’m certainly not Batman. ” (2:50)
· Why he is and probably always will be, “The Boy Who Loved Batman” from his book?
o   “So this book, is really the story of the over 10 years it took me, from the time I acquire the rights to Batman until our first movie came out.  Because [my partner] and I were turned down by every studio in Hollywood.  I was told I was crazy.  I was told it was the worst idea they had ever heard.  It’s a test.  How much do you believe in yourself? How much do you believe in your work and what you are doing? When everyone is telling you, you are bad.” (2:04)
·         Advice he has to those trying to follow the same dream
o   “It’s a harsh world out there, you are right and the key is really ‘intestinal fortitude,’ it’s about knocking on doors that will, guaranteed, slam in your face.  Over and over again. And if you are passionate about something, are you willing to go through Hell, literally, really march through Hell to get to the other side and keep picking yourself up, keep dusting yourself off, knocking on those doors and getting them slammed again and again.  Talk about timing in life, and luck in life.  The magic is that there is no magic – because the timing and luck is really the only timing and luck you make by knocking on those doors obsessively.” (1:00)
Watch the video for more including:
·         How he eventually was able to secure the rights for the Batman character and how it almost never happened?  (4:32)
·         Which studio rejected him the worst and how a little girl named “Annie” almost blew his chances (6:38)