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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hotel Rwanda Blu-Ray Review

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Hotel Rwanda Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Don Cheadle gives an Oscar® Nominated performance in this “profoundly affecting” (Houston Chronicle) true story of one man’s brave stance against savagery during the 1994 Rwandan conflict. Nominated for an additional two Oscars® for Best Supporting Actress (Sophie Okonedo) and Best Original Screenplay, Hotel Rwanda is “the kind of film that can change the world” (Joel Siegel, Good Morning America).

As his country descends into madness, hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina (Cheadle) sets out to save his family. But when he sees that the world will not intervene in the massacre of minority Tutsis, he finds the courage to open his hotel to over 1,200 refugees – with only his wits and words to help keep them alive another hour... another day.

Review: Hotel Rwanda was a groundbreaking drama back in 2004.  It was also a breakout role for the great Don Cheadle.  Cheadle plays Rwandan hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina who ends up saving 1,200 people from genocide!  This film is intense and full of some of the best dramatic acting that we've seen before or since!  The film is making it onto blu-ray, thank goodness.  Its long overdue for a transfer into high-definition. The film looks fantastic with no grain interference.  The colors and skin tones really pop.  This is a great release and a must-own film.

Interest Range: Drama