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Friday, May 20, 2011

Challenge of the GoBots DVD Review

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Challenge of the GoBots DVD Review
You can own this DVD today from the WBShop:

Synopsis: CHALLENGE OF THE GOBOTS: THE ORIGINAL MINI-SERIES (1984) From Gobotron to your home, it's the original 5 episode mini-series that brought the GoBots to life. When Cy-kill embarks on his mad quest to conquer the galaxy starting with Earth, only Leader-1 and his band of Guardians stands in his way. The mini-series that launched a legend! Newly remastered from original film elements, Challenge of the GoBots has NEVER looked this good. See example below.

Review: The Gobots were brought over to the United States back in 1983.  It was a toyline produced by the Tonka company one year prior to the arrival of Transformers.  Still, this show is considered a lesser quality version of the robot wars!  In fact, they were even referenced in the cult classic "Clerks 2" by Jason Lee "Gobots are like the K-Mart of the Transformers".  This DVD release from the Warner Archive features the initial mini-series that made it all come to life!

This DVD contains five episodes that made-up the initial broadcast of the Gobots.  The video has been remastered (see above) and looks absolutely amazing.  I can't believe how clear the image is.  The lines are a bit cheesy, but I'm still a fanboy and I love it.  This one sits proudly in our vintage animation collection.  Now, bring us the complete series release WB! 

Interest Range: Vintage Animation