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Monday, May 30, 2011

Capadocia: Season 1 DVD Review

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Capadocia: Season 1 DVD Review

Synopsis: To restore order in the prisons of Mexico City it will become necessary to undertake urgent reform. Such reform will come at a great cost to those unfortunate prisoners forced to serve as test subjects in a new prison privately referred to as the place without forgiveness. Devised by a group of greedy businessmen who bribe the government with the promise of cheap forced labor, this experimental prison soon attracts unwanted attention, particularly from social activists. One activist in particular, Teresa Lagos, struggles to outsmart Federico Marquez, a lawyer hired to ensure the commercial viability of the new prison. In order to defeat his opposition, she incites a riot in one of the older jails. This forces the Mayor of Mexico City, Santiago Marin ,Teresa s former husband, to immediately open the doors of Capadocia. And thus begins a journey into a hell that knows no bounds, and has no exits.

Review: Capadocia is a fantastic show from Latin America that made its way onto HBO on demand and has gained a small following here in the USA.  I, for one, am always looking for some original or unique programming and you can often find that in overseas television.  Capadocia is one such show.  The premise is intense and the show is dark and intense.  It has everything you want in a drama. This one doesn't come dubbed in English, but does have subtitles available.  Its really a great show, we highly recommend.

Interest Range: Drama