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Thursday, April 28, 2011

TORIKO Vol. 5 Debuts in VIZ Manga App for the iPad, 1 Week Ahead of Print!

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Another digital debut for the VIZ Manga App launches today, AHEAD of the print edition! TORIKO Vol. 5 is available now for download, a week before you can find it in stores!

The VIZ Manga App is the leading application to read manga on the iPad with over 25 series, and over 150 volumes available! The free-to-download app allows you to take your manga library with you wherever you go, so you can read it whenever you want!

In an era where gourmet food is king, Toriko, the greatest of the Gourmet Hunters, tracks down the most ferocious, exotic, and TASTIEST wildlife for the world's best restaurants and food connoisseurs! Follow Toriko's continuing adventures to fill out his Ultimate Menu!