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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Last Continent Blu-Ray Review

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The Last Continent Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: In THE LAST CONTINENT, biologist and filmmaker Jean Lemire, accompanied aboard the schooner Sedna IV by a handpicked team of scientists and filmmakers, dared to experience climate change and its consequences within Antarctica’s icy grip in more than a full year of daring, isolation, danger, intensity.  A testament to a human adventure at once chilling and inspiring, The Last Continent, narrated by Donald Sutherland, alternates between captivating images of deep serenity and spine-tingling sequences in which the ship’s crew finds itself, time and again, on the edge of catastrophe.  Before home viewer’s eyes, the crew members live out their most exhilarating highs and grimmest lows and with THE LAST CONTINENT, Lemire earns our admiration on every level: majestic landscapes, fascinating wildlife, a courageous and sensitive crew, relevant and troubling environmental information and exceptional filmmaking in this voyage to the heart of the last continent: Antarctica.  The DVD also features over an hour of extras with additional footage and featurettes and a stunning photo gallery.

Review: In the tradition of An Inconvenient Truth and March of the Penguins, and the Last Continent is here to give us a much needed environmental awakening.  Narrated by the great Donald Sutherland, this documentary is instantly given a good feel of credibility.  Jean Lemire joins a special team of scientists as they embark on a dangerous mission to brave the elements in the name of research to better help us understnad some of the dangers to our environment.  This film isn't all business, we get lots of nature shots and some beautiful landscapes and a very interesting and engaging presentation of the material.  We definately recommend. 

Interest Range: Documentary, Environmental