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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Boy Friend DVD Review

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The Boy Friend DVD Review

THE BOY FRIEND is now on DVD at

Synopsis: The star has injured an ankle, but the show – and inexperienced stage assistant Polly Browne – must go on. Break a leg, kid. And don’t let the presence of Hollywood director and talent scout Mr. De Thrill add any pressure. And so begins this colorful tale of theater hopefuls with stars in their eyes and greasepaint in their veins, a work that, under the guidance of director Ken Russell, is not just an affectionate filmization of Sandy Wilson’s London/Broadway stage hit but also an homage to the movie stagings of Busby Berkeley – complete with imaginative use of kaleidoscopic top shots and rows of leggy chorines. Fashion icon Twiggy makes her screen debut as sweet-natured Polly, a role played earlier by Julie Andrews in her Broadway debut. Curtain up. Maybe someone will be discovered tonight.

Review: The Boy Friend is the 1971 film adaptation of the 1954 hit London-based musical stage play.  The film is also a musical and starred then hot item, and former model, Twiggy.  Twiggy was granted two golden globes for her role in the film.   The film is a charming musical about an up and coming actress.

There are two versions of this film.  The original theatrical was 109 minutes long, while the extended version (first made available in the late 1980s on VHS) was 137 minutes in length.  The Warner Archive, famous for releasing long lost film, is releasing the extended 137 minute version via their online made-to-order DVDs!  The picture looks great and the film is a ton of fun!

The special features include a vintage "behind the scenes" making-of featurette about the film. 

Interest Range: Vintage Film, Twiggy