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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hold On DVD Review

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Hold On DVD Review

HOLD ON! is now on DVD only at the

Synopsis:The career of the British Invasion pop group Herman’s Hermits was in full, fan-shrieking, disc-selling orbit when their first top-billed movie came to theaters, so maybe it’s only natural to think NASA would want to name a rocket after them. Well, at least that’s what’s at stake in this 1966 romp that has the five lads on a U.S. tour, where they’re mobbed by various birds – and secretly monitored by a nerdy scientist to determine if they are rocket worthy. Yes, Hold On! is not so much about making sense as it is about having fun. A double fistful of Hermits' songs (including the Top-10 hits A Must to Avoid and Leaning on the Lamp Post) adds to the good times. Shelley Fabares, no stranger to the charts with 1962’s Johnny Angel, costars.

Review: Hold On was a 1966 promotional vehicle for the boy band  Herman's Hermits.   There was also an album by the same name that served as the soundtrack for the film.  This formula was also used by the Monkeys and the Beatles in various ways back in the 1960s.  The Warner Archive is releasing this classic on DVD through their online store,

This space race-era comedy is also a little PR boost for NASA, pre-moon landing.  The film is in color and features a very decent transfer resolution.  Its a very funny film and definately one to watch for fans of the band.  Even if you're not a fan of the band, they have great personalities and really shine on screen.  This reminds me of the modern day incarnations of this formula, like Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush".   A great movie that has been lost for some time!  We definately recommend.

Check out a very funny clip from the film here:

Interest Range: Vintage Film