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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

History Channel: Third Reich: Rise & Fall DVD Review

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History Channel: Third Reich: Rise & Fall DVD Review

In HISTORY s two-part, four-hour Special Presentation: THIRD REICH, rare and never-before-seen amateur footage tells the epic story of the Third Reich as it's never been told before: through the eyes of the people who lived it.

A unique perspective on the rise of Nazi Germany and how millions of people were so vulnerable to fascism, told through rare and never-before-seen amateur films shot by the Germans who were there.

How did the Germans experience the Allied victory in WWII? Rarely-and never-before-seen amateur films recount the catastrophic downfall of the Third Reich through the eyes of the people who lived it: the Germans themselves.

Review: There are dozens and dozens of perfectly good documentaries on the Nazis and World War II.  The fact is that no one does it like the History Channel!  This two-part documentary series features two, two-hour features.  One on the Rise of the Third Reich and one on its epic fall!

The Rise of the Reich is fascinating.  It has some amazing home video footage from German families showing actual life during this era!  The documentary goes over how Hitler expolited the poor economy after WWI in order to obtain power.  Not a lot of new information, but some great never before seen footage!

The second feature is the Fall of the Third Reich, which is a look at the atrocities that happened during the war by the nazis through home videos taken by soldiers and private citizens alike.  What was so great about this feature is that it showed the aftermath of what the Russians did to the German people once they took over!  No one likes to think about how they suffered from not only the Nazi regime, but also the Communists.

This is a fantastic documentary.  We highly recommend!

Interest Range: History Channel, WWII, Documentary