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Monday, April 18, 2011

FULL MOON Debuts on!

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The sweet shojo anime FULL MOON debuts today on, perfect for weekend viewing! Five episodes (subtitled) are now available, and 2 new episodes debut each Friday!

FULL MOON, based on the popular manga by superstar Arina Tanemura (creator of THE GENTLEMEN'S ALLIANCE+, SAKURA HIME, and more!), is a tale of puppy love, tragedy, and pop-stardom! Mitsuki dreams of becoming a singer, but a malignant tumor prevents her from fulfilling her wish. One day, two Spirits of Death named Takuto and Meroko appear and tell her she has a year to live! But they can give her a temporary reprieve and give her singing career a magical push start... Will Mitsuki be able to fulfill her dreams after all?