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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Benny & Joon Blu-Ray Review

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Benny & Joon Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Oscar® Nominee Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson (TV’s Law & Order SVU ) and Aidan Quinn (Practical Magic) star in this hilarious, quirky comedy. Wildly eccentric Joon (Masterson) can be very charming — especially when she takes her medicine. Long under the thumb of her overprotective brother, Benny (Quinn), Joon craves her independence. During an unusual poker game, Joon loses her hand — but wins Sam (Depp), a whimsical misfit who soon charms his way into her heart. Now if they can only find a romantic interest for her brother, love just might stand a chance in this charming, delightful film that also features Oliver Platt (Frost /Nixon) and Academy Award® Nominee Julianne Moore.

Review: Benny & Joon was one of the most charming and lovely comedies of the 1990s.  It featured Johnny Depp in a more comic role as a rather odd guy that spends most of his time immitating Buster Keaton and Charlie Chapline.   He subsequently falls in love with the very disturbed Mary Stuart Masterson (Joon).  Joon is looked after by her old brother Benny, and he's very skeptical of just how good Johnny Depp is for his little sister!  

The big question on this film is how it looks on the transfer into high-definition.  The answer is...good.  It isn't riddled by any grain or other issues and the colors do pop.  The transfer doesn't really blow you away, but its perfectly good and definately an upgrade from the DVD.  We recommend this one!

Interest Range: Romantic Comedy