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Friday, April 15, 2011

Antarctic Mission Blu-Ray Review

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Antarctic Mission Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: An adventurous team of Canadian scientists and filmmakers, sailed south to Antarctica aboard the majestic 54-metre ship SEDNA IV with one daring mission: to document the most important environmental challenge facing our planet – climate change.Chronicled in ANTARCTIC MISSION: THE COMPLETE SERIES is one of the greatest expeditions undertaken in modern times the team braved some of the Earth’s roughest and coldest seas, as well as the long, dark Antarctic winter, to bear witness to the changes wrought on one of the most rapidly warming places on the planet – the Antarctic Peninsula. In ANTARCTIC MISSION: THE COMPLETE SERIES, we meet the scientists, who are working in the world’s remotest living laboratory and amazing creatures that evolved to live on one of the planet’s most inhospitable ecosystems.

Review: This new environmental documentary follows the crew of the Sedna IV as they investigate climate change.  This blu-ray collects the complete series of this great expedition.  This one is a great new release, very much in the veign of the new Last Continent blu-ray release.  This one also shares a ton of breathtaking nature scenes, along with a lot of great information on some very serious environmental issues facing our planet.  To watch this crew brave this completely inhospitable area just to provide the human race with more ecological knowlege is astounding.  A great release.

Interest Range: Documentary, Environmental