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Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are? Season One DVD Review

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Who Do You Think You Are? Season One DVD Review

Synopsis: To know who you are, you have to know where you came from. In this fascinating reality series, seven celebrities share their life-altering discoveries. Working with genealogists, historians, and researchers, they travel the world to uncover the secrets and surprises in their family trees.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s (Sex and the City) search leads back to the Salem witch trials. Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith follows his slave ancestors to Benin. Lisa Kudrow (Friends) learns the truth of her great-grandmother’s fate in the Holocaust. Tony® winner Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Glory) traces his family to battlefields in France and America. Brooke Shields (Suddenly Susan) unearths her royal connections. Oscar® winner Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking) explores the racy life of her grandmother. And Emmy® -winning director Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X) meets a relative he didn’t know he had.

Intriguing, moving, and ultimately uplifting, this series proves that genealogy is more than a pastime. It’s a journey through history that changes everything.

Review: Geneology has become a huge rage since people realized years ago that they could use the internet to not only research, but to connect with long-lost relatives.  The show "Who Do You Think You Are?" has been a huge hit overseas in Europe and Australia and now its been franchised out to the USA on NBC!

This DVD represents the complete first season.  The positives of this show?  Its really, really interesting to see a normal person's family history traced back, but to shed some light on the backround of celebrities is really fun.  It humanizes these famous people and at times shows a very emotional side as their pasts unveil some jaw dropping revelations!

The negatives?  They're very few to be honest.  The episodes are puffed a bit with teases on what is coming up and flashbacks of what has already been revealed in each episode.  The episodes should probably be a lot shorter due to this, but its really a minor gripe.  Overall, this is a great show.  The second season has just begun to air, so this is a great time to get caught up. 

Interest Range: TV shows, Geneololgy