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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pokemon Elements Collection 2 DVD Review

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Pokemon Elements Collection 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: Following up with Pokemon's All Star series set, the Pokemon Elements Collection Part 2includes volumes 6-10, the last five volumes commemorating the different types of Pokemon characters. Each disc showcases a Pokemon element with three classic episodes.

This release from the animated adventure series POKEMON offers five collections of episodes, each set focusing on one Pokemon character, like Psychic, a mysterious monster shaped like ancient writing, with the awesome power of levitation, and Ghost, a mysterious monster with the strange ability to slip through any obstacle, and even hide inside walls.

Review: Pokemon has been a phenomenon in multiple countries for well over a decade and its still going strong.  This is something that we're thankful for in our household, being huge Poke-Fans!  The new Elements DVD series Collection 2 includes the following volumes: Dark, Psychic, Dragon, Ghost and Rock.  This is over five hours of Pokemon over 15 episodes.  This is the second of two volumes in this series and its a fantastic addition to any Pokemon collection.  Many of these episodes have already been released on DVD, but if you missed 'em, this is your chance!

Interest Range: Pokemon, Anime