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Monday, March 28, 2011

Papertoy Monsters: Make Your Very Own Amazing Papertoys! Book Review

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Papertoy Monsters: Make Your Very Own Amazing Papertoys! Book Review

About the Book: A breakthrough paper-folding book for kids—paper airplanes meet Origami meets Pokemon. Papertoys, the Internet phenomenon that’s hot among graphic designers and illustrators around the world, now comes to kids in the coolest new book. Created and curated by Brian Castleforte, a graphic designer and papertoy pioneer who rounded up 25 of the hottest papertoy designers from around the world (Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Italy, Croatia, Chile, even Jackson, Tennessee), Papertoy Monsters offers 50 fiendishly original die-cut designs that are ready to pop out, fold, and glue. The book interleaves card stock with paper stock for a unique craft package; the graphics are colorful and hip, combining the edginess of anime with the goofy fun of Uglydolls and other collectibles. Plus each character comes with its own back-story.

And the results are delicious: meet Pharaoh Thoth Amon, who once ruled Egypt but is now a mummy who practices dark magic in his sarcophagus. Or Zumbie the Zombie, who loves nothing more than a nice plate of brains and yams. NotSoScary, a little monster so useless at frightening people that he has to wear a scary mask. Yucky Chuck, the lunchbox creature born in the deepest depths of your school bag. Plus Zeke, the monster under your bed, Nom Nom, eater of cities, and Grumpy Gramps, the hairy grandpa monster with his very own moustache collection.

Our Take: Papertoy art is a growing fad in the DIY and design worlds.  This new book, Papertoy Monsters, gives the reader up to 50 monsters that can be built from the pages within.  The full-color, ready to cut-out pages feature great graphics and design from various artists around the world!  

The designs are great and the price is right on this book.  The only thing to keep in mind is that papercraft isn't as easy as it may look.  There are techniques and tricks and definately some practice involved.  If you get this for your kid(s) you may wish to assist.  The book does offer you some different techniques to utilize.

This book makes a great gift and definately something fun to do with your family or sweetheart.  The little paper monsters make fantastic and unique decorations or playthings!  This one is WINNING!

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