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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fetish Goddess: Dita Book Review

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Fetish Goddess: Dita Book Review

About the Book: Dita is the most popular model of today. Her distinctive style is a unique combination of retro glamor, pin-up and high-art eroticism, and always perfect down to the smallest accessories. She only works with the best photographers - Baker, Czernich, James & James, Weathers - and, combined with her clear vision of how she wants to look, the result is always 100% stunning and 100% Dita.

Dominant or submissive, damsel in distress or provocative French maid, this genuine fetishist has laced herself up and paraded around in the highest of high heels - a true fetish goddess.

Our Take: Anyone thats interested in the world or rather underworld of fetish modeling and burlesque is certainly familiar with the great Dita!  She has done Vegas shows, had a short-lived marriage to gothy shock-rocker Marilyn Manson and has managed to position herself as one of the few faces of the genre!  This new hardcover book is FULL of fantastic erotic photos of Dita in various fetish outfits and poses from BDSM to 50s underground fetish, its all there!  At only $25 full retail (and likely less online) this one is a steal!

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