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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Film Unfinished DVD Review

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A Film Unfinished DVD Review

Synopsis: Using footage completely unparalled a film unfinished provides new insight into the nazi propaganda machine further exposing an agenda already known to be deceitful beyond our greatest beliefs. At the end of wwii 60 minutes of raw film having sat undistrurbed in an east german archive. Studio: Oscilloscope Pictures Release Date: 03/08/2011 Starring: Alexander Beyer Run time: 90 minutes Rating: Nr

Review: A Film Unfinished is quite possibly the most important documentary that exists about World War II.  You see a lot of history through newsreels and various interviews..mostly about the actual battle aspects of the war and the concentration camps, but very little actual footage about daily life.  This new documentary reveals a never before seen and unfinished nazi propaghanda documentary about the Warsaw Ghetto and the life of the jews that lived there.

I won't lie, I was absolutely blown away by what I saw here.  Not that what I saw was shocking, but that the footage exists!  The nazis carefully crafted scenes to disparage the jews and this raw footage shows the outtakes of these scenes, proving that they were staged.  The interviews with people that were present during filming really round out the potency of this film.  This one is an absolute MUST SEE!

The special features on this DVD include: Interview with author and film researcher Adrian Wood, Scholar Michael Berenbaum on A Film Unfinished, Death Mills (1945): A short film by Billy Wilder, includes some of the first footage shot from within concentration camps post-liberation, Study Guide: For educators and students to gain a deeper understanding of the themes and lessons in the film and an Exclusive essay by author and film scholar Annette Insdorf.

Interest Range: History, WWII