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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Learning Tree DVD Review

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The Learning Tree DVD Review
In celebration of Black History Month(February 2011) the Warner Archive proudly presents THE LEARNING TREEfor the first time on DVD: 

Synopsis: Remember that special growing-up year in your life? When you had your first real adventure, discovered love, faced an enemy, withstood the death of a loved one, stood up for a principle, backed a friend? Maybe, like Newt Winger’s growing-up year, it was all of them. A personal triumph for director-producer-writer-composer Gordon Parks (adapting his novel), The Learning Tree traces one watershed year in the life of young Newt (Kyle Johnson), in which he learns about love, fear, violent racial injustice and, during an emotional murder trial, his own capacity for honor. “Most important of all,” Parks said, “he learns that hating is a waste of valuable energy.” Poignant, passionate and powerful, The Learning Tree will make you smile, break your heart and heal your spirit

Review:The Learning Tree was a 1969 drama about two young men growing up in rural Kansas during the early 20th century.  You get two contrasting attitudes, the first is a man that has decorum and pride and the other is spiteful and angry about the racism he encounters.  Both men are good friends, but during the course of the film they become bitter rivals thanks to decisions made.  The villain in the end is, of course, racism.  This important film is finally available on DVD.  Its definately a great one to check out.  I can see this one being played in school classrooms in the near future.

Interest Range: Drama