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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday In New York DVD Review

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Sunday In New York DVD Review

Although Valentine’s Day is officially over, love is still in the air at the as they celebrate the recent release of several romantic favorites including SUNDAY IN NEW YORK:

Synopsis:Before she became a great star and a two-time Academy Award® winner,* Jane Fonda was a screen ingĂ©nue who sent a string of bubbly romantic comedies soaring, including this charmer from the prolific pen of Norman Krasna (Bachelor Mother, The Devil and Miss Jones). Fonda portrays a virginal miss blessed with long limbs and a knockout profile who runs off from her fiancĂ© (Robert Culp) to the swingin' pad of her brother (Cliff Robertson) and then into the arms of a guy she meets on the 5th Avenue bus (Rod Taylor) -- all the while trying to decide if she'll say "yes" before she says "I do." Filmed on location, Sunday in New York is a fun, sophisticated romp set to a hip Peter Nero score that features Mel Torme singing the title tune.

Review: Sunday In New York is a film adaptation of a more subtle play.  The film version was very progressionist back in 1963 when it was released.  The movie stars a young Jane Fonda who has come to New York to visit her brother after a difficult breakup.  She is basically there to see about losing her virginity.  Not a heavy subject in these days, but back then it was a bit more rare to see a movie so bluntly discuss sexual exploits.  The Warner Archive has released a charming and romantic gem to the public on DVD.  This one is a must watch for couples and fans of vintage film.


Interest Range: Romantic Comedy, Vintage Film