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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rain Man Blu-Ray Review

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Rain Man Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Dustin Hoffman is a 'triumph (People) in an Oscar®-winning* role, and Tom Cruise is 'terrific (ABC Radio) in a film that's fascinating, touching and full of smart surprises' (Newsweek)! Charlie Babbitt (Cruise) has just discovered he has an autistic brother named Raymond (Hoffman) and is now taking him on the ride of his life. Or is it the other way around? From his refusal to drive on major highways to a four minutes to Wapner meltdown at an Oklahoma farmhouse, Raymond first pushes hot-headed Charlie to the limits of his patience and then pulls him completely out of his self-centered world! But what began as an unsentimental journey for the Babbitt brothers becomes much more than the distance between two places it's a connection between two vastly different people and a poignant, profound and powerful film (Joel Siegel, ABC-TV)!

Review: I think that most of us have seen Rain Man, so I'm not going to comment on the actual film, other than to say this one is a classic and was our first public look into the world of Autism.   Its most certainly a must-own.

Our concern is, of course, how it looks in high-definition.  Does this film really pop?  Well, the answer is that no, it doesn't pop, but it certainly does look good.  Its a definate improvement over the DVD release.  The skin tones are great and the colors are vivid.  I didn't notice any grain (and I'm quite sensitive to that).  I think it could look a little better, but overall I'm pleased with it.

The special features on this release are bountiful!  We're talking audio commentaries, deleted scenes...the works!  This is a great version of the film, easily the best available.

Interest Range: Drama, Classic Film