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Friday, February 25, 2011

Love at First Kill DVD Review

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Love at First Kill DVD Review

Synopsis: Love At First Kill is a provocative thriller about seduction, deception, madness and murder. Harry is a young artist who lives with his overprotective widowed mother, Beth. But when a sexy divorcee moves next-door, Beth's paranoia triggers a chain of events that will shatter their worlds forever. What is the shocking secret behind Harry's recurring nightmares? What really happened to his long-dead father? And what horror is Beth capable of when pushed too far?

Review: This made for TV film is now on DVD.  The quality definately shows through.  Its not that its a bad film, its actually surprisingly good, but some of the actors are just not up to par.  The film's main actor, Margot Kidder (Superman), is wonderful in her performance at least.

The premise of this film is that Kidder's son is dating a new girl in town.  Kidder basically has what appears to be a psychotic break and blames the new girl for everything wrong in the world.  The cool thing about this film was definately the twist ending, which we won't reveal here.

This one is a great watch for a good price.  Don't let the made for TV aspect fool you, this one is fun.

Interest Range: Drama