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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last Tango In Paris Blu-Ray Review

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Last Tango In Paris Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Penetrate the moody, sensual world of Last Tango in Paris, and prepare yourself for "the most controversial film of its era" (Leonard Maltin). Nominated for two Academy Awards® Director (Bernardo Bertolucci) and Actor (Marlon Brando) and exuding a sexual energy unlike any film before or after, this is the scintillating classic that shocked a nation... and "altered the face of an art form" (Pauline Kael). He (Brando) is a 45-year old American living in Paris, haunted by his wife's suicide. She (Maria Schneider, Jane Eyre) is a 20-year-old Parisian beauty engaged to a young filmmaker. Though nameless to each other, these tortured souls come together to satisfy their sexual cravings in an apartment as bare as their dark, tragic lives. Caught up in the frenzied beat of a carnal dance they cannot seem to stop, these unlikely lovers take their passion to erotic heights and depths beyond anything they could ever have imagined.

Review: Last Tango in Paris is a 1973 masterpiece, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.  The film is ripe with metaphor and deeper meaning, but we'll leave all of that to you for your interpretations.  We'll just focus on the sex....oh, and the blu-ray.   But mostly the sex.

This film has been controvertial since its release almost 40 years ago!  The film centers around a widower (Brando) who has gone to Paris to mourn the death of his wife.  Instead of mourning he shuts down all emotion and begins a torrid and graphic affair with a young girl.  The film is raw and engaging.

The transfer into blu-ray high definition looks good.  Its a little soft at times and I did notice some minimal grain, but overall it helps the colors to pop better and restores the film to give it a more modern feel.  This one is a cult classic that everyone should check out.

Interest Range: Drama