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Friday, February 25, 2011

Jefferson DVD Review (History Channel)

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Jefferson DVD Review (History Channel)

Synopsis: Thomas Jefferson is the most researched, most written about, most referenced, and most quoted of our Founding Fathers. And yet, somehow, he remains the most stubbornly inscrutable. His life is a seemingly impenetrable thicket of contradictions: he enshrined the words All Men are Created Equal, and yet was a lifelong slave-owner; he was simultaneously a man of the people and the personification of the Virginia aristocrat; he was a die-hard American revolutionary who was also a dedicated lover of European culture and art; he advocated ruthless fiscal responsibility as president, yet his own finances were mired in debt.

Embrace and celebrate the third president s complicated life and legacy in the two-hour HISTORY documentary, Jefferson, the story of a national icon who remains, in historian Joseph Ellis memorable phrase, a great American Sphinx.

Review: Jefferson is one of the latest History Channel documentaries to hit DVD.  We love documentaries here at the Legion...and we love the History Channel.  Especially when they're not showing specials on tanks and nazis!  Its great to see some other history! lol.

Jefferson is a 90 minute documentary about one of our founding fathers and the walking contradiction that makes him still one of the most interesting characters in American history to this day.  The documentary does a great job of staying neutral, but it paints this man in a light that is human and real, and for that we give this one a big thumbs up!  Students and kids should see this one to help them wade through the idealized text book versions of our countries past!

It would've been nice to have some special features packed-in with this DVD, but then when I think about it....what are they really going to have? 

Interest Range: Documentary