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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dungeons & Dragons 2-Movie Collection Blu-Ray Review

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Dungeons & Dragons 2-Movie Collection Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Who will be the dominator of worlds? Destiny belongs to those who dare in Dungeons & Dragons, a thunderous fantasy adventure inspired by the popular role-play game. Thora Birch and Marlon Wayans are among the forces of good defending the Empire of Izmer from the diabolical grasp of mage Profion (Jeremy Irons). The past is prologue when the evil returns years later to avenge what transpired in Izmer. Can five young stalwarts thwart the fiendish traps, spectral ghouls and mighty armies of hell? The answer, and the thrilling spectacle, comes in Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God.

Review: Dungeons & Dragons was the first attempt to really make a big budget special effects film based on a fantasy franchise.  This came out just prior to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so its probably not a fair comparison.  The special effects look dated and the acting was...well, it was ok.  Jeremy Irons was in the film, which was definately one of the highlights.  Overall, it was fast-paced and fun.

The second film in the collection is 2005's straight to DVD Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God.  One of the nice things about the sequel is that the actor that portrays Damodar returned.  All too often sequels completely re-cast and thats always a mistake.  The story is pretty on-par with the first film, although it gets lost a few times, but overall the special effects and tone are the same.

This is a great blu-ray collection for anyone into fantasy and action films.  They're a fun watch and this is a nice, compact way to collect the two films.


Interest Range: Fantasy, Action/Adventure